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NEW WORLD HAVELOCK - Hand painted by Pau

Traditional Sign Painting

We are lucky enough to still be able to produce the more traditional style of sign writing. We have brushes and paint ready to go for when you want something a little more unique whether it may be a hand painted Menu Board, Club Honours board, Building Sign Writing or Vehicle Signage we can do it for you.


ACM Signs

We use ACM for all kinds of signage, it is a rigid material so ideal for building fascias, sandwich boards and anything that is supposed to last for a long time.


Window Frosting

We commonly use window frosting for office glass, it is a nice way to add detail to plain windows and it also offers a safety feature by helping you see where the glass is, which is extremely good for glass door ways etc.



We use high quality materials to last the harsh conditions that vehicles are put in. We can offer many different levels of vehicle signage, from basic decals to full vehicle wraps. Remember your vehicle is a 24/7 mobile billboard so take advantage of it.


3D Lettering

3D Lettering is a very classy way of advertising your business.

We work with Axis to offer a very clean cut and high quality finish to create a pleasing final product.


Light Box Signs

We use light box signs to give the customer an added benefit to have there signage seen at night or in dark conditions. We can use a range of different materials to manufacture your light box and a variety of different colours.


Digital Printing

We use very high quality inks and products to produce a high quality final product. The images printed come out very sharp and with vibrant colours. We can print on a range of different materials used for different surfaces etc.


Side Walk Signs

Side walk signs are an ideal option for the front of your business, Show your business off in style with a classy design like the photo shown. We can offer a few different options of side walk signs so get in contact with us today.

To see more of what we do have a look through our gallery or feel free to ask us some questions.

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